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Rain puddles

Ms. Nozipho Mzimela of Ndundulu, KwaZulu explains that in this game children play outside in the rain with their clothes off.

The person consulted

Ms. Nozipho Mzimela of eNdundulu, Melmoth in KwaZulu Natal gave an explanation about this game.

Who play this game?

This game is played by young girls from the age of 4 to 6 or 10.

What is used to play this game?

No equipment is needed to play this game.

When is this game played?

This game is played during the day if it is raining.

Where is this game played?

This game is played in the yard of the homestead.

How is this game played?

If it is raining, children would take off their clothes and be naked. Then they would run around the yard in the rain puddles chanting:
Gcabha yeye, Gcabha yeye,
Co, Co, ugcabhayiyana
Umoya uyasitshela,
Lapho selizokuna,
Sidlale ugcabhayiyana.”

Custom associated with this game

There is a traditional belief that rain helps children grow as it does to the plants. Therefore, adults encouraged children to play this game telling them that they will grow up quickly. This is a very old game.


From a Masters dissertation by Victoria Mkhize for the School of IsiZulu, University of KwaZulu-Natal. Supervised by Professors P.J. Zungu and V. Prabhakaran.