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Mrs. M Dube of Amatigulu, KwaZulu Natal says hopping is a game which involved jumping about on one leg.

The person consulted

The researcher spoke to Mrs. M Dube of Amatigulu, KwaZulu Natal who gave her knowledge of this game.

Who play this game?

This game is played by girls from the age of 6 years to 13 years.

What is used to play the game?

Nothing is used to play this game.

When is the game played?

This game is played at any time if it is not raining.

Where is this game played?

This game is played in a big cleared open spot.

How is the game played?

Girls would divide themselves according to their age-groups, the younger ones on one side and the older ones on another side. The group to start would line up and face the direction they would hop towards. Then they would hop on one leg until they reach the finishing line. The leg held up should not be dropped and touch the ground. If she stumbles and the leg touches the ground, that girl is out of the game. The other girls would continue until they finish. The one who arrives at the finishing line first is the winner. When one group is done, the other group takes its turn. The game continues until all groups have played.

Custom associated with this game

There is no particular tradition associated with this game.


From a Masters dissertation by Victoria Mkhize for the School of IsiZulu, University of KwaZulu-Natal. Supervised by Professors P.J. Zungu and V. Prabhakaran.